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Why choose us?

Selling a property and, above all, trusting an estate agent to help you do so, is not easy. But once you discover what the agent can do for you and how helpful it can be, you realize you couldn’t have made a better decision.

Here are some reasons for choosing CASA IDEALE as your estate agent:

Specialist staff: qualified, highly trained and up-to-date, with many years’ experience in the sector, able to help you through every phase of the sale.

Our staff will help you finalize a sale, without unwanted complications.

With our market experience in Valpolicella and Verona, we are able to give you an accurate and realistic valuation of your property, in line with market trends, so you can assess any potential investment you may want to make after the sale.

A dedicated member of staff will work with you according to your needs, whether you want to buy or rent after the sale.

We will help you find all the documentation needed to make the sale, relying on specialists in searches and the Property Register, a step that is often overlooked but is essential for preventing future complications.

For each client we draw up a detailed marketing plan to promote your property, including:

professional photography and videos with precise information, creating a detailed and attractive overall package;

a number of different advertising channels, from leading nationwide websites (where your property will be one of the first displayed), to our Facebook and Instagram pages backed up by dedicated campaigns and targeted leaflets;

cooperation with partner agents.

Your property will be presented by agents who know every inch of it and who will be able to recommend it to clients looking for just what you are offering. Targeted visits with potential buyers are arranged only after providing all the information required to assess the purchase. No loss of time, no visits from the simply curious.

As soon as the buyer decides to go ahead, we draft the preliminary sales agreement, according to the latest regulations. We pass the documents on to your chosen notary (or recommend one) and make sure you only have to deal with one person.

We are passionate about our work and build close and trusting relationships with clients.

Please take a look at the page What they say about us with the opinions of our clients. We are proud that they recommend CASA IDEALE.

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